Teeny Tiny Bio

Selfie in the air
Selfie in the air

When it comes to average, I don’t quite think I fit the bill.  I do some pretty average stuff, but I’m always looking to be me and not average-me.

My name is Ellen Watters and I race bikes. I do other things as well like work, eat, sleep, read, etc., but I think my one true love is cycling. On the road, through the trails, over some barriers or around a track, it doesn’t much matter the form as long as I am the one powering those two wheels.

I do also like to knit, do puzzles (jigsaw or crossword), drink tea while curled up with a good book (as many people would say), go hiking and exploring through new or old territory, and I love to eat.

Explore with me. Discover with me. Tell me your stories and share your adventures with me.

I’m excited to share what I learn, who I meet and where I go with the family, friends and strangers.

All I ask is that you comment, share and like (if you actually do).

Happy Adventures and Happy Ramblings!

Third Vault Falls in Fundy National Park
Third Vault Falls in Fundy National Park

One thought on “Teeny Tiny Bio

  1. You are also a lot of fun to just be with Ellen. Love to laugh with you. Keep up the great lifestyle you lead because it is easy to see how happy it makes you

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