Measuring success

It’s about 2 hours before the Tour de White Rock criterium and my legs feel a bit like rubber. I had an hour long nap, which if you know me is rather a big deal, and all I’m craving is Stroopwafel’s with milk. In other words, I’m a little tired πŸ™‚

BC Superweek this year started with the Tour de Delta — two crits and a UCI road race. Two days off and then we crack into 5 days of racing, 4 crits and a road race finishes off the week.

We measure our success often with podiums. This team had success in so many different forms this week.

Carrie rode like a superstar at Gastown, covering attacks, being in the breaks and riding at the front all the race.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.06.11 PM

Justine bridged across to the selection on the first day of racing. She dug deep and sacrificed.


Miriam pushed hard at the White Rock road race and even though she kept losing wheels on the climbs, she caught back on and finished with 4th place!


“Fireball” Flynn was relentless. White Rock road race she came back from a small split having worked hard to get back and without a moment of thought, attacks the group and gets herself away.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.07.47 PM

AmΓ©lie weaved her way around a flowing PoCo crit, and delivered riders to the front of the pack with style and ease.

The Cyclery – Opus

Ariane, like a boss, broke away from the peloton and was in a break, which then became a solo break for a few laps. Legs of steel!

Ariane BONHOMME (The Cyclery - Opus) was off the front for a few laps.

Annie, the call-up queen, battled through sickness and raced like a champ at each race, giving everything she had, no matter what the outcome.

Annie FOREMAN-MACKEY (The Cyclery – Opus)

This is kinda what it’s about right?

We have these EUREKA moments. Ever race we do, we learn, but there are some races that it clicks. We realize we can take a corner at a high speed and feel like we defy physics, or we decide that we belong in the pack, or that we can push that much harder even when we are maxed out.

I hope you’ve had a moment like this (or more!) because it truly is uplifting. Especially when you can share it with close family and friends, or the world!

It’s hard to measure our success in the week without the podium spots we were looking for, but I think that we each had small successes throughout the week at different points. We also had team success where we just rode the race with everyone firing on point.




p.s. It’s now a week later than when I first started this blog… so another one is coming shortly πŸ˜‰


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