Racing with Friends

Tour de Somerville 2016. It’s a 4-corner crit with long straightaways and short ends. Carrie, Amelie, Liah, Emily and I were there to get a podium. We had the numbers, we had the smarts and we had the trust in each other.


Plan of action was executed to a ‘T’ in the race. Attacks were made, attacks were covered, attacks were counter-attacked. We practiced our lead-outs, sprints for primes, and positioning. It was the perfect race. The team saved my legs for the final attack with 3 laps to go. I took off up the road and was able to stay away and get the victory arms up!


It’s kind of neat when there is this much cohesion in a group. Many of us have been racing together for almost 3 years and we know how to communicate and trust one another. I knew that when I was away, if I got caught there were 4 other girls so willing and capable to attack again for the win.


It’s that sort of feeling that fuels your goals sometimes, whether in a race, training or in life. You know you have the support, so you know you can do it. I was not only supercharged by adrenaline but also the power that my teammates give me! We are a close knit family and I adore them all πŸ™‚

Here’s to happy times with friends on bikes!


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