A weekend of firsts

­­­­­­­I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of several teams in my years growing up in soccer, basketball and volleyball. There was never a team that I disliked, and there was always a bond you felt with your teammates.

There was a between stage from school team sports to my new-found love. In this time I raced in multiple triathlons and duathlons provincially as well as the one-time international opportunity. Completely individual. There was no team element, and I really enjoyed the solo efforts that my body could withstand.

Like I mentioned, that is the transition phase and I have come to find a new team sport, road cycling. I am not writing this to explain how cycling is a team sport, but how freaking amazing my team is.

This past weekend, 5 of the 9 team members got together in Ottawa for our first team camp of the year. Amélie, Carrie, Miriam, Emily and I spent the time skate skiing (for some of us our first time) in Gatineau Park in the morning and then a couple hours in a spin studio doing intervals in the evening. It was a busier weekend in terms of physical demands.

Team (half of us) selfie
Miriam and Carrie
Emily and Amelie being themselves!
Perfect park conditions

On Sunday, between our two workouts, just after a light lunch and team meeting, we had a quick and snappy team “cuddle” and group photo. It’s in these kinds of moments that I know I am with the best team. The smiles and silliness that is captured and frozen, to be remembered.

A chilly morning start, but we soon warmed up

Many of us live in different places and only get to see each other at team camps and throughout the summer, but we connect like family when we are together. We are a family and that changes how we support each other on and off the road. It’s something I have come to love and admire about cyclists, but especially The Cyclery – Opus girls. Just as much as we love seeing each other at camp, we equally miss the ones not there and look forward to our next time together.

5 weeks until team camp! YIPPEE!!


On another note, I got to skate the Rideau Canal for the first time. I had sworn to myself that I would not eat a Beavertail until it was with skates on my feet along the canal. That bucket list item can now be crossed off!






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