We put the TEAM in TEAM!

This past weekend (Friday – Sunday) The Cyclery – Opus ladies have been racing the Tour de Delta. It’s the kick-off to BC Superweek with two crits and a UCI road race.

After coming here last year, I was really really really excited to be racing with the team again (even though we were all together at Nationals about 2 weeks previous). We are all staying in absolutely, stunningly, gorgeous Tsawwassen for the week and travelling to various parts of Vancouver to race all week. Mainly crits, but we have two road races as well.

The first crit, without going into much detail, went almost as we had planned. Annie and I were to be patient during the first 3/4 of the race and then to see what we could do after. Ariane and Amélie were attack-covering-bunnies, Emily too but we wanted her little sprinting legs to be saved for the end. What happened? I got in a break with Denise Ramsden of Trek Red Truck and we were able to pull off a 1-2 finish before the chasers caught us.



Last night, the Brenco Crit, got a little greasy near the end after a bit of rain. Nearing the 7 laps to go, some riders slid out on the last corner, but most of us stayed upright on our bikes (my knee ate some pavement). I must say a nice thing about wet roads when you fall means you’ll slide on the top… less friction. Our guest rider, Marie-Soleil keep things consistent, finishing 6th (same as Friday’s crit finish).


Today was our 105km road race around the streets of Tsawwassen. With a couple of slight uphills, lots of turns and a fast descent, attacks going off the front didn’t stay away for long. Slight rainfall made for another slippery day, with several folks sliding around corners. One of them gave me an opportunity to crash (on the same injured knee) and practice my caravanning skills. Coach Chris was skilled in helping me recover and catch back up to the peloton!
Amélie  was fantastic, positioning so well during the race until she was caught up in a crash (she’s okay! and will be amazing for the rest of the week). Example: she will find me and tell me to get on her wheel and bring me to the front of the peloton.
Ariane,  after such an superb road race at nationals, would be either found at the front of the peloton or close to it for all the race. Such strength!
Annie F-M (the Mac Attack) perfectly timed an attack just after the first uphill climb and stayed away for about half the circuit. She had an incredible race, and I will continue to learn from her experience.
Emily (flimsy) Flynn was spectacular today! The execution throughout the race of following our team plan was perfect. She stuck on Kirchmann’s wheel as is best possible in a group and finished with a marvellously amazing 12th in a UCI race 🙂

So folks, a rest day tomorrow and then 4 crits and a road race to finish it all up in Vancouver.

I am so lucky to be on such a wonderfully, positive and hardworking team with a hardworking crew (Jenny, Chris and Amélie’s parents) that support us through thick and thin.

Big props to Chris on changing another shifter on my bike (I have had to cracked shifters in the past month) and thanks to Jenny for the shifter from her bike.

Stay tuned and check out BC Superweek online. Gastown Crit (Wednesday) attracts thousands to downtown Vancouver and is such a fun environment. Eat, sleep and pedal!


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