Together Again. With words and pictures.

Team sports have been my thing ever since I was but a wee thing. Summers and falls playing soccer which turned into winters spent on the basketball court, and now this amazing new team dynamic of bicycle racing.

#linedup (c) Vicki Schouten

Racing bikes on a team is fulfilling in so many regards, especially with this team. Every member on The Cyclery – Opus team is equally strong and we each have different talents out on course (and off). That is what I think is really neat. We all can send off attacks, get sprint points (or primes [pronounced premes]), corner, follow a wheel, but like any other team we have certain roles to play. Some of us have the right physiological make-up to hold a steady and strong ride for a good length of time, while others of us are fantastic at blowing watt numbers through the roof in an all out sprint for the line.
On my team, I think we have the perfect combination of talent, strength and fun!

This past weekend we raced two different crits with a fairly high prize purse. The first crit was successful on the results-side (although we had a really good little team train going on for a bit and that was cool), whereas the second crit was successful in every single way, but without a podium result to show for it.

(c) Canadian Cyclist
(c) Canadian Cyclist

Lots of people only see the results, and understandably, but if you really watch and take the time to get to know the riders and tactics a little tiny bit, you’ll see that results are not the be-all-and-end-all.

#themaineevent Katherine (c) Vicki Schouten
#killingit Ariane (c) Vicki Schouten
#thegruesometwosome Carrie and Amélie (c) Vicki Schouten
#flyingFlynn Emily (c) Vicki Schouten
#spittingWatters Ellen (c) Vicki Schouten

Preston Street Crit has been happening for years and years and this year the prize money was upped (and for the first time, ladies could win their weight in beer!). This brings more players to the field and we had World champions starting on the line. It made for such a hard race and certainly exciting for all the people lined along the streets and at the roadside pubs and restaurants.

Every single person on our team sent off attack, after attack, after attack, nor could a single attack go without one of us on the wheel. We rode so strong throughout the entire race. It was unfortunate that nothing could get away and this lead to a final sprint.

#Mackattack Annie (c) Vicki Schouten

Most aggressive team (and maybe I’m biased) goes to The Cyclery – Opus definitely!! Without a doubt.

I love my team. Every single one of them are unique and awesome on and off the bike! With such a great coaching and support staff to go with us, it’s the perfect combo.

Team pow-wow before Preston Street crit
Team pow-wow before Preston Street crit

Behind the scenes, my personal coach, Jean-Guy, I have to thank for putting my legs, lungs and heart in the right place! Merci!

Nationals are in a few days in beautiful Quebec and then we fly to the west coast for some good crit-hammering races!

So until then, eat, sleep and ride through the lovely world we live on!


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