The Three R’s: Ride, Race, Repeat

It’s been a whole week since when I should have written this…

Picture this. Woodstock, NY. 1969. Crowds of thousands of people with flowers and long hair and good music. Well, that’s not exactly what you need to picture because that’s not what was happening while I was there. Instead, Emily, Amélie, Katherine and I were there to race the Women’s Woodstock Cycling GP for another time.


The race course was lengthened a bit compared to last year’s course, but still contained the 3.2km climb up Overlook Mountain and also the switchback-like Seven Sisters climb.

It was a beautiful day. I love getting on my bike on most days, but when the sun shines and sunscreen is needed then riding is that much more enjoyable. With a larger team then last year, we were racing with a plan.

Group shot
Group shot

Since last year, I’ve really come to like the team plans and strategies that come into racing. Working for another rider, racing with a purpose outside my own if I were an independent rider.

Emily, Katherine and Amélie sent off attacks one after the other after a neutral start. Each time, these were chased down by the peloton. Eventually, a girl got off the front and had a lead going into a deciding climb. I stayed on a wheel of a girl I knew was strong on hills and wasn’t able to maintain contact up the whole distance of the hill. It was myself, and three other riders that topped together and descending down to the flats.


It then became a ride with four others to the finish line. I am glad I had put on sunscreen. The sun shone as we rode along freshly patched roads along by a brook, but to be honest, I wasn’t able to take in more scenic views than that.

Coming into the final few kilometers, a couple short-lived attacks were attempted, just to tire out the legs of the other riders. Lined out, I was able to stay second wheel out and sprinted around securing a third place finish. Katherine was top junior!


Top junior jersey goes to Katherine Maine!
Top junior jersey goes to Katherine Maine!

Unfortunately, Amélie crashed prior to the first climb. She is recovering nicely from whiplash and cracking her helmet. MESSAGE: KIDS, WEAR A HELMET!


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