50 minutes and 4 corners

Second crit of the season, and this one was definitely going to be completely different. Emily, Katherine and I had chatted with our coach the night before making our plan of attack to make the crit hard for everyone involved. How do we do that? Send attack, after attack, after attack and when that doesn’t work, send off more attacks!

So off I went with an attack, which strung out the chasers. I was brought back in and then Emily sprung off the front staying away for a bit. Finally two other riders from the same team and I got away from the group and stayed away for the rest of the race.

In a situation where you are in a group with two riders of the same team, don’t work. They can do all sorts of work to keep the break away, while I sit on their wheels. It was a mental game for them to try and get me to pull on the front. When they couldn’t get into my head, tiring me out with attacks of their own was the next option.

Podium: I finished second, but I know that our team was the best, the strongest and the fastest in the peloton. We made it hard, we made it fun and we followed the plan. I like when that happens.
Katherine was top junior!

I wish that I had brought my GoPro to video this race. It’s more fun to watch something than to read about it.

Back in the pack, my teammates sent off attacks of their own to try and bridge up to me. Eventually, Emily was able to leave them in her dust and spent the rest of the crit was more like a TT for her. Katherine was so strong, and ended up protecting me as she chased down attacks and blocked the wind.


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