Where I go from here

Only 5 minutes into my drive to Ottawa, I crossed paths with two leaping deer. Over the next 9 hours and 32 minutes I also encountered 5 more deer, a moose, some crazy drivers and a $27 gas bill (that filled my tank!)


And so here I am, bank in the capital region and just in time for NHL play-offs. But that is not at the forefront of my plan. Today, after turning the soil in the garden patch in preparation for another crop of veggies, Emily and I rode with Shawn and Matteo out to Carp and a little café called Alice’s. Quaint and delicious day-old muffins, cyclists like to get their caffeine fix or have a little nibble.

Tank full, cup empty
Tank full, cup empty

This is a beaver lodge along the route that someone has declared the flag-flying beaver lodge. It’s probably one of the more popular lodges as it flies it’s red and white flag of our glorious country. You’ll notice the direction of the wind… this was a section where the wind played us. Either a headwind or a crosswind.

A very loyal beaver
A very loyal beaver

Teammates Ariane and Emily tail behind Shawn and Matteo. It was sunny so our legs were soaking in the Vitamin D!

Carp looping
Carp looping

I’m looking forward to the summer ahead and hope to see many excellent views, race tough races and come away from them unscathed and eager for more.

The long and open road
The long and open road

Next up, Calabogie Classic. It’s a race on a closed course, because it is on a race car circuit. It should be a fun starter, and from there I head to Arkansas for the Joe Martin Stage Race.

Eat (day-old muffins), sleep (and smile) and pedal (wherever and whenever you can!).


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