“I like you because you’re dressed in pink!”

These ladies below were by far some of the best cheering squads I’ve ever heard. Maybe I am slightly biased because they were yelling and screaming that they wanted my to win because I was in pink (Thank you Biemme and Stevens!). But they had kazoos (a long lost magical instrument), cow bells and whistles. Amazing!



And cheers to all the kids at the kids race. This lady did a whole lap on her balance bike. Heidi King, you inspire me if or when I have children to get them involved and having fun, no matter what!



It was cyclocross racing at Killarney Lake in Fredericton put on by the Radical Edge. A 2km circuit that traversed through a ditch, down along the sandy beach and zig-zagged back and forth enough. A decent turn-out, though I was missing my teammate Emily who had flown back to Ottawa. I was stoked because I biked through the sand sections, a first for me! Learning all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

This time I didn’t fall or face-plant once! I think there are two specific reason why I race cross. It is a fantastic change from road racing, while also tuning in more fast twitch muscle fibres and bike handling that can be very useful on the road. The other reason is because of the energy that is involved with the whole thing. From the racers to the spectators, there is never a dull moment in cyclocross. Every lap is always different!

It was a bit muddy in that ditch. By the end everyone was just running through and not even bothering to bike it.



These ladies, Anna on the left and Heidi on the right, are much of my inspiration for future years. Ladies, I think you should also start racing on the road!!ย IMG_0255


Until the next time, keep doing whatever you do best! I will keep doing what I do as well for sheer enjoyment!

Eat, sleep and pedal on!


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