Sloppy Good Time

Muddy Wheels Cyclocross Race 2014 brought a certain number of crashes, face plants and lots of heavy breathers. But oh, what a good time was had. Emily Flynn, a Stevens – The Cyclery teammate flew in that afternoon from Ottawa, so I was already excited for the race and weekend!!


The race takes place in St-Aneslme Park in Dieppe around the velodrome, up some hills, through a bog (or three) and along a path. A great number of registrants were there, prepared to work hard enough for turkey dinners the next day. Weather was absolutely perfect – not hot and not cold.

I look forward to cross racing because of the barriers, sandpits, bogs and hill climbs that challenge me outside of my comfort level. These skills are directly equivalent to that of a road race but certainly correlate. It also has the intensity that keeps your heart rate in the red zone and your adrenaline pushing for those 45-50 minutes. I can’t say I relish the memories of cross races, but I definitely can’t wait for the next race.

There were three barriers (2 small and 1 large) and 3 boggy sections. When I say boggy, I mean that it was thick mud. You couldn’t tell where it was safe to ride until you rode through. Even following certain wheels wasn’t a sure bet. And so this resulted in a great many face plants, whoopsy-daisies and kerflops. I have a video to prove that I connected with the mud nicely. I remember saying (while trying to get back up) “I wasn’t muddy enough before!”


Emily had a great first Maritime race. She hopped a barrier (small one) but managed to trip up on the second one. What you can’t really tell from the pictures is that she borrowed a bike… which was a SINGLE SPEED. So let’s all take a second and give her big props for that.


Emily and I finished the race with a 1-2 respectively. I’ve got to say that this cross race was one of my favourites so far.

This link will show you the fun crashes at one of the muddy spots. Have a peek, laugh, enjoy!


Until next time eat, sleep and pedal!!!


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