A photo-story post

I’ve been home (back in NB) for about 2 months now. Instead of boring you with stories and lots of words, I thought that I would do a photo story re-cap of what I’ve been up to.


First off – a new little life came into the world. Mila and Jeremy had a wonderful little boy, Bennett, on August 2, 2014. Of course, Sonja, Paula and I had to visit and shower him with a lottery ticket, tie-dyed monkey and an Aero bar (that was for Mila). To note, he didn’t win the lottery.


Track Nationals [were] coming up in October, since have been moved to January, so I was spending 2-3 nights a week at the track. These boys (Julien, JR, Charles and Alex) were regulars too. I like to call this velodrome a wok because when it’s hot out you cook in this oval.


A fun little sprint with Shane Eno on our last lap of the Silver Fox Road Race. There was a group of four of us that finished pretty far back. The call of duty when a crash took down a rider beckoned us. It certainly was an interesting race with messed up gear shifting, TORRENTIAL downpour (could have been confused with hail) and said crash. All-in-all, a lovely time though.


What happens when you put a big kid on a little track bike? Everyone stares and makes a comment. About half of the Stevens team stayed at Bromont Track for the week to get some Team Pursuit riding in. Pictured here are Annie (teammate), Chris (coach) and Braydon (men’s team) is riding Annie’s bike. Lots of great learning happened here as Annie and Ariane are experienced trackie’s and Jenny as well.

My brother and I pulling a rope that was attached to a poplar. That day we were taking trees down near the house so as to prevent future damage to Mom’s house. Obviously we weren’t pulling the tree over, my other brother was cutting them with a chainsaw.

A track bike at the Dieppe velodrome. Most of the month of August I spent riding the track, and I have become quite comfortable with different starts. Still hurts every time I do an IP though.


Ah, the flea market weekend. Had a mini-yardsale with some friends. All the Christmas stuff is from Mom’s as we had just cleared out most of non-used holiday things the week prior.


An absolute favourite hike of mine is the bluff. A trail that takes you to a view-point of Sussex and fields. Between this and Friar’s nose, we have some pretty decent views.


Balloon Fiesta. An early morning launch photo. This is usually the only time you will see the balloons take off all weekend because the evenings generally are windy. I really love this weekend because of the balloons, but hate the weekend because of the crowds.

I’ve been working on a farm helping harvest squash, strawberries (a late variety), cucumbers, pumpkins and beans. Soon we will be pulling up turnips as well. It’s amazing when you do a hard days work (physically) compared to an office job. I leave after working there feeling a really good sense of accomplishment most times. Sure I’m tired and sore, but at least I know I’ve been working hard. I never felt that with my office work.


My mom came a little later in the week to help with the harvesting. She’s retired now so has time on her hands. This was the first time she drove a four-wheeler. Let’s just say she doesn’t go very fast. Good work, Momma!!


A shaky, but truthful photo. Cyclocross season has started, and this was the first race of the year. Two beach sections, a flight of 15 stairs and two barriers. A hot morning for the race, but it’s a great change from road season. Photo credits go to my mom. She was a great cheering squad on those stairs too!


I climbed up the bluff at 6am to witness the beautiful sunrise. The peace that surrounded me calmed my mind and my body. I think I will start climbing up a little more often to be at this place.


Fall is here and I am Canadian.


We had a baby shower for Mila and Baby Bennett. It was a great time of getting together, holding a beautiful baby and eat food.


And so, that’s been a quick summary of my time these past couple months. It seems to have whizzed by. A post is going to follow this (in the next few weeks) on my debriefing of this past summer. So stay tuned.

Until then, eat, sleep and pedal hard!!!


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