Hope you brought your climbing legs

Day 2 and the race didn’t start until late afternoon. The morning is spent refueling and recovering from our previous days efforts. Recovery is everything; eating, resting, reading, relaxing.


2014 Road Nationals

The day was warm and so a later start was more than welcome.

A 20km rip out and back from the 5x15km circuit, which includes a 2km climb of 11% grade, was in store. About 60 ladies started the race from all across the country. It’s pretty neat to ride with some of the best Canadian women cyclists, challenging as well.

Optum and Tibco drove up the climbs which shaved off riders each time, I lost contact on the fourth climb. The pace was fast, the climbs gruelling and the descents whizzed by. Carrie was strong throughout the whole race, climbing well and protecting herself behind the right wheels. Annie fought a hard race, losing contact from the front pack on each climb and driving her bike back into the group each time. The pair of them finished in 8th and 9th place, a great result for both.

2014 Road Nationals

I was stoked for them, coming in and hearing where they had finished. It’s a really good feeling knowing that your teammates had a fantastic race. For me, it’s as if the result of my teammates is also a result for me.


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