A little slack

I haven’t quite got the blog bug yet because I don’t seem to be super consistent with posts. This one will contain a few racing updates. 

The second stage at Killington was a tough one. The day was going to be sunny and the finish was going to be at the top of Killington. The group stayed together with few attacks for the first 40km. Ariane and Amélie did some really hard work at the front to keep the pace high! We hit our first QOM climb and that’s where the splits happened. Carrie went for some of the points while I just stuck with the group. My legs were not feeling strong enough to get some points.

With a somewhat smaller group, there was a dirt road descent that would have been beautiful if we had time to look around. The road was well packed, but sometimes there would be a puddle hole, so eyes stayed sharp and on the ground in front of the bike. 

Attacks would go off the front, but there was no commitment to working hard in the front from everyone, so nothing stayed away. Which brings us to the climb. A good 5-7km of climbing certainly does a toll on ones legs. Carrie had a great climb as she ended up finishing 4th overall!! I was dropped back slightly and finished 10th. Image

The next day we had a TT. I had been forewarned about crosswinds and headwinds on this continuous slightly uphill course. A good warm-up and all you can do is pedal with everything you’ve got. That’s one reason why I like TT’s so much. It’s always challenging and really cool to see how much I can push myself to go harder or faster. During the suffer-fest, I didn’t feel really incredible, but everyone who was doing the TT had done the same amount of racing the two previous days so our legs probably all felt the same. In the end I pulled off a 2nd place finish and that landed me in 7th place in the GC. 



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