Working on the cycling tan

Well, Saturday I travelled to Granby for my first time trial of the year. Chris Reid (team DS and racer for The Cyclery) and Matteo Dal-Cin (men’s team) and I were the car-poolers for the day. 

A couple things about Granby: they have a really great zoo (I didn’t get to go), the roads are seemingly flat, there is lots of wind.

A couple things about a time trial: you can’t draft, you have gear that makes you go faster (disc wheel, aero a.k.a”bird-beak” helmet [Thanks Giro!], shoe covers and a skin suit), don’t expect your heart rate to be low for the entire duration, faces are often times covered in body fluids like saliva and sweat.

As this was my second time on the TT bike since I got it from The Cyclery, I still had a few adjustments to make. When you go to race, there is a things called a jig, which measures certain stuff so that people are relatively on a level playing field when it comes to the bike.

A little example below…



So if your bike doesn’t pass this inspection, then you can’t race or you can’t race and podium. 


The weather was beautiful and sunny, with some pretty decent wind. The great thing about wind is that you’re sure to get a good tailwind eventually. The ability to suffer is important when it comes to time trials (as well as hill/mountain climbs). Powering your bike at max effort or as close to it as possible for about 20-30km gets the lactic acid in the muscles and really has your heart working hard. Oddly enough, I enjoy this…

Matteo finished on top of the podium with a time of under 24 minutes for the 19km course. I managed to squeeze into second just above Alizée Brien of Tibco and below Lex Albrecht of Twenty 16.

Thanks to Stevens for the Crono TT bike, Scorpo and Continental for some great wheels and Giro, Smith and Biemme for the fast kit and helmet! My Ritchey handlebar stem also made it possible for me to race a legal bike. 


Yesterday I rode with Ben, JS and Connor up through the Gatineau region where there are nice rolling hills. We passed by the Edelweiss ski resort (no snow) and stopped at a quaint little cafe for some coffee and pastries. This was my very first coffee ride!! I like coffee now (with sugar and honey!!) so now I too can enjoy the caffeine kick partway through a ride. 


There are so many people on bikes here, I am still amazed. It’s incredible to see young and old on all styles of bicycles (and some without helmets *gasp*). I love the activity level in this area and the way it’s made possible by the communities and cities. Biking, walking, running to work isn’t a question, but a way of life. Bike paths are everywhere so that people can bike and feel safe, on and off the roads. Love it!

Until again, eat, sleep and pedal!



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