Greet minus the meet

Yesterday, I greeted my hero. With signs and cheers as she rode past, waving and smiling. There were thank yous. It’s sad that the town where I live, Sussex, didn’t pull together and have a “welcoming” committee. Raising awareness and getting people chatting about mental illness, it’s not easy, but the Bell Let’s Talk program has certainly taken it to a whole new level.


Three of us stood out on this windy day (it was a tailwind for her), with signs I had made and waited. So Sussex, where were you?! An Olympian bikes by your community and you barely have any idea.

Depression is so common, and so hush-hushed. We talk about cancers and diseases so much, but when it comes to a less physical illness, we sidle away and keep quiet. It gets a bad rap, mental illness makes us seem weak or less, when really we should see those who struggle through something relatively incurable as STRONG and AMAZING. I’m not diminishing other diseases and illnesses, but I’d like to say kudos to #BellLetsTalk for partnering up with Clara and spreading the word about mental illness.


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