I believe Spring has found it’s way

Today there was sun and it was warm. Tropical, even maybe. The snow is melting rapidly and the roads are drying up. Which has it’s negative points (potholes, massive cracks), but on today’s ride, nothing could dampen my spirits. A very light wind kept things fresh, the sun warmed the air and it was just so darn nice out. Luckily, my Smith Optics sunglasses shaded out the sun wonderfully.

It’s hard to coordinate rides with others, especially when they are so few and far between in the area. So solo it is. I don’t mind so much because I can set my own pace and think my own thoughts. Another rider can push you a little harder though, and can bounce ideas back and forth with you. Always pros and cons πŸ™‚

Tomorrow’s forecast is wet and wild, with projected rainfall amounts of 50mm. Another way to get rid of the snow quickly and it will certainly clean lots of gravel, dirt and salt off the roads!

I’d like to make mention of my teammates success only yesterday. Emily Flynn placed an excellent first place at the Clarence-Rockland Classic. Her birthday gift to herself I suppose! Congratulations and I believe only better things will happen throughout the rest of our season!!! Looking forward to my first race.


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