Spring, here I come.

The first day of Spring 2014 started with a beautiful sunrise and gorgeous temperature.

We left the house at 10am with plans to ride for 4 hours and cover about 120km. The sun shone, the birds were probably singing and our spirits were high with the sun in the sky. The great thing about these camps is that you are riding with your team and learning their mannerisms and bike styles so that you can develop around and with your teammates.

Dirt roadin'
Dirt roadin’

I come from a small town that has very limited knowledge about sports other than basketball, hockey and baseball. Cycling is a rare sight and necks generally crane to see who is on the bike or in a pair of running shoes. Crossing a couple borders to Ontario this summer will expand my cycling world with how it is a much more respected sport and there will always be someone to ride with. Another plus side, it’s brand new territory for me to explore!

Just like this trip has been. New roads, new territory, new people, new Strava records, new PRs. It’s fun, and it’s hard, but it’s what I enjoy. Where else can you cover so much distance while seeing the landscape and burning calories? Cafes are great little joints in spandex, food tastes better after hours in the saddle and the views, well, they are always new and always beautiful.

I have strayed from my posts’ beginnings. The ride finished 4.5 hours later and 115km were covered. It was a beautiful day to be on the bike and be amongst a great group of riders (men and women).



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