Skills, thrills and some roadkill

Today we rode for a really fun hour and a half.

The girls Stevens team started with some bottle pick-up games and then a style of knockout on the bike. The object of knockout is to keep your hands on and feet on the bike while using your skills of balance and track standing to box someone in and force them to unclip. We then headed down to the front lawn and had fun bumping tires and close contact riding.

From there we headed out on the pavement to get a little recovery spin in with practicing feeding from the car, getting tire changes and pacing back to the peloton. Overall, the day was lots of fun, with good team bonding and lots of laughs.

Even though the weather has been less than appealing and warm, the team has all been incredible. Getting to know everyone, learning little tidbits from the amazing coaching staff and other riders previous experience and enjoying numerous hours in the saddle has made the rainy days and colder weather bearable.

Yesterday’s ride of about 100km over 4 hours included two climbs of Caesar’s Head in the South Carolina mountains. The climb, which is about 10km long, winds up from Table Rock with grades ranging from 5%-12% and an average of 6% (a Category 2) climb. The roads are quiet and switchbacks with trees towering and temperatures remaining manageably cool. The views are beautiful and more than breathtaking. It was important to bundle back up once you descended otherwise travelling around 60km/h would have left you chilled to the bone!


Unfortunately on the second descent, one of our male riders took a spill on a hairpin that was littered with potholes. This broke the group up some and most of us headed back to the cars while some stuck around and waited for a drive. No broken bones, some lost skin and a less than rideable bike. All for the love of cycling, right?!

Supper tasted good that night and relaxing felt great!!


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